TAPROOT  Knives is a one-man shop where I design and build utility and  presentation-grade cutlery. The bulk of my work is fixed-blade knives including hunters, filet knives and kitchen cutlery.

Working from my designs or from a customer's design and specs, I take sole authorship of each step in the process—including heat treating and blade tempering.

Each TAPROOT knife is hand-crafted with a focus on function, fit and superior cutting and edge-holding performance.

My goal is to make the last knife better than the one before it!

Mike Tapley



Hand-crafted, one at a time . . .

Enjoy the video to get a feel for the process.

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I can build a knife to your specs or you may choose one of my blade styles. Handle material, spacers, guards/bolsters, decorative file work are all up to you and the combinations are endless!

Cream of the Crop!

Drop Point Hunter featuring IMA mammoth ivory handle. Dovetailed brass bolsters abut black spacers; hand-rendered decorative file work accentuates the knife's top spine.

Additional view of knife appears on Fresh Cuts! page.